Ideas and History

Application versions

Version Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Description
4.2.1 2015-02-12 "Find Text" command in Notes; Short press switches between Primary and Secondary subtitles in "Show Always" mode; Size of Subtitles and Notes window is increased for big phones and small tablets; Several bugs are fixed
4.1.1 2014-10-20 "Open - Download" menu item to download several ready-to-use audiobooks.
4.01 2014-04-01 Bookmarks and grades are added. Fixed text selection in Android 4.0
3.5 2014-01-21 Folder support is added: "Open Folder with MP3 Files" command in "Open" menu; "Next File", "Previous File" and "Playlist" commands in "Go" menu; "Repeat file mode" setting. Fixed work with Android 2.2
3.0.1 2013-12-06 Additional subtitles; Notes for Folder and File; Integration with Google Translate and Pleco Chinese Dictionary applications is added; Options for headset button are improved.
2.5.1 2013-10-13 Bug with auto-repeat when screen is off - fixed.
2.5 2013-10-10 A lot of new playback settings. More info »
2.01 2013-08-16 Support of subtitles and many more. More info »
1.02 2013-07-17 Several small improvements. More info »
1.01 2013-03-30 First publicly available version

Ideas for next versions

I have plans to add:

  • Record and playback user's speech
  • Playback speed

If you have some ideas what are worth to add into the application, please, write me:

What is new

Version 2.5

New playback settings:

  • Play with screen turned off;
  • Auto-repeat of phrases and file;
  • Auto-pauses between phrases;
  • Headset button (Short, Long and Very Long presses).

Subtitles settings for those who learn Japanese or Chinese:

  • Font size;
  • Select word by letters / hieroglyph.

Version 2.01

  • Using of subtitles. More info at page "Subtitles".
  • List of recently opened files in "Open" button.
  • Progress and navigation bar.
  • New setting: "Minimum phrase length".

Version 1.02

  • “Open MP3 file” dialog was changed:
    • Before: Dialog showed only files from Android Media Database;
    • Now: You can switch to “All Files” mode, if “Media Database” mode doesn't show your files for some reason
  • Behaviour of expired application was changed:
    • Before: Playback was disabled after trial period;
    • Now: 10 minutes of playback per day is allowed after trial period
  • Russian localization was added