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by Mostafa
04 Aug 2016, 16:28
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Topic: What do you like to use this app for?
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What do you like to use this app for?

I am curious what others are doing with this app? I noticed that this app describes itself as a language learning tool. I am personally using it to consume non-fiction books while taking notes on it. I listen to the book while typing my notes on a word processor like MS OneNote, then I can review my...
by Mostafa
04 Aug 2016, 16:23
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Topic: Speed variator
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Re: Speed variator

I was also wondering about this. The speed variation for speeding up is more important to me because sometimes I am trying to review information and would like to do it at a fast rate. I have to use the audible player on my iphone to get this feature. Not even audible's online streaming service give...

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