What do you like to use this app for?

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What do you like to use this app for?

Postby Mostafa » 04 Aug 2016, 16:28

I am curious what others are doing with this app?
I noticed that this app describes itself as a language learning tool.
I am personally using it to consume non-fiction books while taking notes on it.
I listen to the book while typing my notes on a word processor like MS OneNote, then I can review my notes later without having to listen to the book to get that information again. I find it faster and less effort than reading and then making notes on the book. How is everybody using it and what are some of your methods?

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Re: What do you like to use this app for?

Postby SergeyP » 04 Aug 2016, 21:14

During the last year I listened to all 5 books of "Games of Thrones". Since my English listening skills aren't perfect I put text of chapters in "Notes for File" for corresponding MP3s so I could peep into text when I can't comprehend speech. I also listen some phrases two .. three times till I understand them. So that is how I used the app recently.

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